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Our members come from all walks of life. They love to meet up and do some car park dogging in their spare time. Our dogger site gives them the opportunity to communicate with other like minded people and so they can arrange meets at times to suit everyone. It can also give you the chance to just pop along to watch a dogger in action. Dogging Doggers - Find Doggers Dogging in your Town tonight.

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Wherever you travel, our dogging site is the ideal place to meet dogging contacts so you can get down and dirty anywhere in the world. Doggers meet in many different locations, in car parks, lay bys, parks. You need to know where to go and when. Looking for Dogging Doggers? Meet Dogger's Online Today free. Meet in our adult chat room online free tonight. Find Dogger Locations Near You.

New to Dogging?

If you have never done any doggin before, don't worry, you will quickly feel comfortable watching a man and his wife having fun in their car in a car park whilst others watch. Knowing where the dogging car parks are can be the first hurdle to jump, after that you are sailing!

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Dogging Etiquette

If you are new to dogging, you need to know the etiquette. Of course you can watch, but do not assume you can join in unless invited to do so, that would just be bad manners! Make sure you are clean, so that when you are being sucked, she can enjoy it just as much as you. Take protection too. Playing with yourself is allowed, both men and women can masturbate whilst watching the action!

Watch wives and girlfriends

You can watch wives and girlfriends getting on their knees to give a stranger a suck through the car window as her boyfriend or husband gives them one from behind. If you are lucky, you'll be the one she is sucking! Many times you'll get to dip your stick too!

Watch local doggers

Doggers do it in public, usually outdoors, or in cars, whilst people watch and often join in. Dogging started in the UK and is spreading very quickly across the world. If you fancy some outdoor exhibitionism in car-parks or wooded areas you can get involved with others here.

Find swinging

The term dogging was originally penned in the 1970's to refer to men who secretly watched couples having sex outdoors. Eventually swingers realised how thrilling open-air sex could be, so they began to meet in car-parks so giving the doggers some extra voyeuristic fun. They soon realised that the swinging couples were encouraging them to watch, performing for them, and eventually asking them to join in.

Dogging dogging pictures and videos

Our members often make movies and take pics while they are having fun. Many share these on their profile. You can put pictures and videos on your profile too. If you want to find out about dogging locations you can find them here. You can also find out about other sites such as dogging uncovered. Enjoy your doging as a dogger.

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